Simpson Elementary

519 West Simpson Avenue, Montesano, WA 98563
360.249.4331 Fax: 360.249.4820
Golden Ticket Drawing
Students who are caught following the Simpson guidelines to success are rewarded with a golden ticket. A prize drawing is held every Friday.
                       Golden Ticket Winners for June Kira F.June 6, 2014
Colby A., Ali B., Jesse B., Josh C., Kira F., Kylee F., Madison G.,  Kodi H., Gage J., Kaia K., Raven K.,  Hope L., Andrew M., Josh M., Paige N., Nova T., Terrick T., Wendy V., Jared W.and Tyson W.
                        Golden Ticket Winners for June 13, 2014
Micah A., Julieanna C., Kenny C., Cole D., Elaina D., Kayden G., Bella H., Dawn H., Quincie I., Levi K., Sam M., Robby M., Jaiden M., Alma M., Ashlyn P., Cameron R., Kassidy S., Sidney S. and Seth W.